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At Times... I Almost Dream

At Times... I Almost Dream website image
Category: Artwork Site
Subject: The X-Files
Opened on August 12, 2000
collages and wallpapers

My very first website and my home on the web. All of my artwork, X-Files and otherwise, can be seen here. The site is also home to all the fanlistings that I've joined. The X-Files Advent Calendars were held here from 2005-2014. Still updated, anything new I'm working on will be posted here. (layout changed in September 2016)

The Truth Will Save You

Memento Mori fanlisting image
Category: Episodes
Subject: The X-Files: Memento Mori
Opened on July 4, 2005
61 members

Memento Mori is my favorite episode of the X-Files and one of the best for the relationship between Mulder & Scully. So many of the episodes dealt with monsters or conspiracies or hard to believe phenomena. This one dealt with reality and how it impacted both of them. (design updated September 2016)


Redux II fanlisting image
Category: Episodes
Subject: The X-Files: Redux II
Opened on March 19, 2008
6 members

The episode Redux II is a continuation of the storyline that began with Memento Mori and is one of the best episodes ever done in the 9 year series of The X-Files. It has a little of everything and the acting in it is just superb. The Mulder/Scully relationship at its best. When I re-watch the DVD's, this episode is never missed. (design updated October 2016)

A Test of Faith

The X-Files Season 5 fanlisting image
Category: TV Shows
Subject: The X-Files: Season 5
Opened on July 19, 2008
20 members

Season 5 is my favorite season of The X-Files. Twenty episodes aired from September of 1997 thru May of 1998 with an average of 20 million viewers per episode. Scully said "Mulder, I didn't believe you but I followed you on nothing more than your Faith that the truth was out there." I'm still following... are you? (design updated September 2016)

Cherish the Past

The X-Files: Fight the Future fanlisting image
Category: Movies
Subject: The X-Files: Fight the Future
Opened on February 25, 2013
10 members

The X-Files: Fight the Future was THE movie that brought me into the X-Philes fandom, and ultimately, to becoming a webmistress. Everyone has their beginning and their first inspiration... this movie was mine. I had to wait a long time to get this fanlisting, and even though The X-Files has been off the air forever, it's still worth having to me. (design updated September 2016)


Eagles Albums fanlistings image
Category: Albums
Subject: The Eagles
Opened on July 1, 2014
9 members

The band called the Eagles are the highest selling American band in US history. No American band sold more records than the Eagles in the 1970s. Their songs are timeless. This collection of six fanlistings includes these albums: Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One of These Nights, Hotel California, and Hell Freezes Over.

In My Heart

Forever Young fanlisting image
Category: Songs: Male Solo
Subject: Forever Young by Rod Stewart
Opened on October 13, 2015
2 members

The song Forever Young is my favorite of Rod Stewart's; it was also my sister's. All parents can relate to this song because the words he sings are exactly what they want for their children. This fanlisting is very special to me because it's dedicated to my sister.

I Write the Songs

I Write the Songs fanlisting image
Category: Musicians: Male
Subject: Barry Manilow
Opened on March 18, 2016
7 members

I have been listening to Barry Manilow for as long as I can remember. As a hopeless romantic, his music and lyrics are just food for my soul. With over 80 million records sold worldwide, I really don't think I'm alone. He is ranked as the top Adult Contemporary chart artist of all time, according to Billboard and R&R (Radio & Records) magazines. I've seen him in concert and he's just pure magic! (design updated October 2016)

Beautiful Noise

Beautiful Noise fanlisting image
Category: Musicians: Male
Subject: Neil Diamond
Opened on April 18, 2016
1 member

If someone were to ask me to name a male musician who has had the most impact on my life, my answer would undoubtedly be Neil Diamond. The songs he writes come from his heart and find their way into mine. They have been friends who have accompanied me on my life's journey. With worldwide records sales of over 125 million copies, I believe many fans will agree with me. The concert of his that I attended was the best I've ever been to... I only wish I had been to more.


The X-Files John Doggett fanlisting image
Category: TV Characters
Subject: The X-Files: John Doggett
Adopted on May 1, 2016
362 members

FBI Agent John Doggett was a character on The X-Files for Season 8 and 9. He was enlisted as a partner for Scully and to help her find the missing Mulder. The site was redesigned in October 2016. I know this fanlisting was very special to you, Cassie... I'll take good care of it!

I Was Here, As Were You

The X-Files: The Field Where I Died fanlisting image
Category: Episodes
Subject: The X-Files: The Field Where I Died
Adopted on May 2, 2016
86 members

The Field Where I Died is one of my favorite episodes of The X-Files. The voiceover by Mulder gave me the name for my very first website At Times... I Almost Dream, and the idea of reincarnation was so beautifully done in this episode that I couldn't help but love it. FTF introduced me to Mulder, but this episode is the one that made me love him. :) Adopting this fanlisting was a dream come true for me. (design updated September 2016)

Truth or Lie

The X-Files Season 4 fanlisting image
Category: TV Shows
Subject: The X-Files: Season 4
Adopted on May 4, 2016
66 members

Season 4 is my second favorite season of The X-Files. 24 amazing episodes, conspiracy and stand alones alike, with some of the best writing ever. Every episode begged you to ask... Is it the truth, or is it a lie? From the revelations in Herrenvolk to the questions left hanging in Gethsemane, the season merits watching over and over again... and I do. :)


Robert Patrick fanlisting image
Category: Actors
Subject: Robert Patrick
Adopted on May 8, 2016
534 members

I hated him in Terminator 2 (rightfully so!)... I originally hated him in The X-Files (which means he did a great job!)... and I love him in Scorpion playing the very tough, yet oh, so human character of Cabe Gallo. An amazing actor and an even more amazing person in real life... many, many thanks Cassie for letting me adopt this fanlisting! I'll take good care of it. :) (design updated October 2016)


The X-Files: The Doggett/Scully fanlisting image
Category: Relationships: TV
Subject: The X-Files: Doggett/Scully
Adopted on May 13, 2016
472 members

Doggett and Scully were partners for the 8th and 9th season of The X-Files. It was really kind of cool seeing the believer Scully playing off the skeptic Doggett... total reversal of what we were used to for 7 seasons. Whether you're a fan of their partnership, their friendship, or believe in a love connection between the two, they were part of the show that we all loved... and still do. Again, many thanks to Cassie for letting me adopt this fanlisting! (design updated September 2016)

forever DD

The David Duchovny fanlisting image
Category: Actors:
Subject: David Duchovny
Adopted on May 15, 2016
13 members

David Duchovny has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw him in The X-Files: Fight the Future back in 1999. Yes, I was a bit late being a fan of show, but I became a big one. I have followed the career of this incredibly gifted actor ever since, and I am thrilled to be able to run his fanlisting. Many thanks to Cassie for letting me adopt it!

Take Me Home

The John Denver fanlisting image
Category: Musicians: Male
Subject: John Denver
Opened on June 1, 2016
3 members

John Denver is my favorite singer of all time and to be able to run a fanlisting for him is a dream come true. He has written so many beautiful songs whose words just stay with you hours, and even days, after listening to them. No other singer/songwriter has been able to do for me what John Denver has... his songs literally Take Me Home.


Yesteryear website image
Category: Archive
Subject: The X-Philes
Opened on August 31, 2016
artwork and more

All of the artwork created by other x-philes for special events that were originally held on my website At Times... I Almost Dream is archived here... Advent Calendars, collage contests, the Dream Awards and Remember When to name just a few. It is also an art archive for The Semper Fi Collection, the dipper fandom of The X-Files. All of these artists were an integral part of the XF community when the show was still on the air, and now they have their very own home.


Sweet Caroline fanlisting image
Category: Songs: Male Solo
Subject: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Opened on November 13, 2016
3 members

If I were to say the name Neil Diamond to you, which one of his songs would come to mind? But of course... Sweet Caroline. Of all of his many songs, (and trust me, I love them all), this is the song I most associate with him. It's also one of my favorite songs of all time... how can it not be?

No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.