Besides this site collective, the other sites under this domain include 8 fanlistings. They all pertain to Kevin Costner or his movies.

Love Letter to the Past

Dances With Wolves fanlisting image http://loveletter.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Dances With Wolves
Opened on December 2, 2002
363 members

My favorite movie of all time is Dances With Wolves and I couldn't believe there wasn't a fanlisting for it. So I applied and was incredibly lucky to have been approved. I wanted the site to be more than just a listing of fans... I wanted it to be a tribute to an incredibly moving film that I believe is one of the best ever made. (design updated September 2016)

Worth the Waite

Open Range fanlisting image http://worththewaite.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Open Range
Opened on September 29, 2003
51 members

I applied for this fanlisting as soon as I got home from seeing Open Range on opening day. I just fell in love with Charley Waite! The story was a simple one of the Old West but the characters seemed so down-to-earth and un-Hollywood that it was a joy to watch... directed by Kevin Costner, it still is. (Redesigned in September 2016)

Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days fanlisting image http://thirteendays.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Thirteen Days
Adopted on May 20, 2004
26 members

I have admired JFK forever, and when the fanlisting for Thirteen Days came up for adoption, I jumped at it. The story of those incredible 13 days is an important one we should never forget as history tends to repeat itself, doesn't it? The movie was amazing, riveting, and so scary all at the same time. (Redesigned in January 2016)

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams fanlisting image http://fieldofdreams.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Field of Dreams
Opened on June 11, 2004
80 members

What can I say about Field of Dreams that hasn't already been said by better writers than me? I tried to capture the essence of the movie in the large graphic I created. One of my greatest thrills was visiting the official movie site in Iowa... I'll never forget that feeling of being there, of being transported to a different world! (design updated September 2016)

Shadows and Sunlight

For Love of the Game fanlisting image http://sands.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: For Love of the Game
Opened on December 11, 2004
19 members

You just can't resist Kevin Costner in a baseball movie, and I especially loved For Love of the Game because it was from a player's pov... something you rarely see. I loved listening to all his thoughts while he was on the pitching mound struggling to finish this one last game while memories of his personal life engulfed him. (design updated September 2016)


Revenge fanlisting image http://destroyed.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Revenge
Opened on May 31, 2006
10 members

Of all of Kevin Costner's movies, Revenge is the only one that I hate to watch. Bad acting? Far from it. A nasty villain? Most certainly. I love romantic movies, but what I hated about this one was the tragic ending I was totally unprepared for and the unfairness of it all. I've only watched it twice, it's just too hard to accept. (design updated September 2016)

Those Eyes

Kevin Costner fanlisting image http://eyes.dl-dreams.com
Category: Actors
Subject: Kevin Costner
Opened on March 10, 2008
66 members

To say that I was thrilled to be approved for the Kevin Costner fanlisting is an understatement! It was literally one of MY dreams that came true. I enjoy a lot of movies, but none more than his. I've seen them all more times than I can count, and I never tire of watching them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another awesome Western. (design updated October 2016)

Fairways and Greens

Tin Cup fanlisting image http://fairways.dl-dreams.com
Category: Movies
Subject: Tin Cup
Opened on June 21, 2008
5 members

Tin Cup is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that just makes you feel good. I don't think any other actor but Kevin Costner could have made the character of Roy McAvoy so real, so down-to-earth, so incredibly human. "I never miss with the 7 iron." Made you smile thinking of the movie, didn't I? (Redesigned October 2016)

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